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Director, Closing the Gap, Connection and Culture - AMI


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Closing the Gap, Connection and Culture Group has opportunities for Directors in the following Branches:
  • Closing the Gap
  • Culture and Heritage
  • Environment.
These senior roles in policy development and program management will fill a range of current and future vacancies and to establish a merit pool. Successful applicants will be provided with development and support in their roles.
Across the various roles, you will undertake a variety of work:
  • leading drafting policy, including advising Senior Executive and the Minister
  • management of programs, projects, contracts and procurement
  • management of grant applications processes
  • lead liaison with internal and external stakeholders and represent your Branch in various forums.
Our ideal candidates will have:
  • a demonstrated record of working in a culturally sensitive manner, with a commitment to furthering cultural capability development
  • highly-developed analytical and research skills, including the ability to provide quality advice based on evidence
  • strong writing skills and the ability to deliver briefings and papers on complex issues
  • excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to develop and maintain relationships with stakeholders
  • ability to identify emerging opportunities or issues and respond quickly to competing priorities
  • ability to lead high level strategic policy advice on complex issues
  • highly developed analytical and research skills, including the ability to be strategic, innovative and form sound judgements on complex issues
  • strong writing and verbal communication skills
  • ability to manage a large team to deliver policies and programs to support First Nations peoples and communities
  • project and/or program management experience will be highly regarded.


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Full time


Canberra, ACT, Australia


Director, Closing the Gap, Connection and Culture - AMI






$136,220 - $162,124